Watching film, as a talent.

A persons taste in film will derive from many aspects such as social upbringing, religious background and how many exclusions they served in school. There’s no doubt films require intellect…

But what I’d like to know is where this head-up-own-artistry amongst cinema fans has come from. There’s no denying the minute inner-smugness you feel when correcting a friend on the plot of a film. But social stand-offs between people who can reference the most dead, unheard-of, French cinematographer who only made two films before hanging himself with the film reel from his unmade “truest work”, is about as cool as people who tweet pictures of the meals they’ve cooked.

I do love films, use twitter, and cook meals. But a frequent snobbery during conversations between film fanatics about ‘lamans’ taste in film has left me sour about being one… (A fanatic, I’m definitely not a laman, I love the Coen’s early work I promise). So does this pretentiousness come from the angst of always having your shiny pokemon cards jacked in school? Or is it justified banter of those who simply just understand it all better?

One things for sure, ranting about it in a blog certainly isn’t superfly TNT.