The BFI festival diaries #1 “Easy Money” (Non Tidy-200)

Great film…

Easy money (“Snabba Cash”) is a story of three men, all of which find themselves tied up in the multi-ethnic underworld of Europe’s gang-run drug trade. Each character at some point is compelled to escape the typically short-lived responsibilities they hold in the crime word, by close relationships that are forged with innocent loved ones.

Easy Money explores these characters journeys through the similar eyes as that of Pusher. Lots of handheld cinematography, predominantly close-ups that dont back off even when the action kicks up, all composed with stark, often over exposed natural lighting and a pale grade for that “el-indie-naturale” feel. For those that have seen any of the Pusher trilogy and liked it, you will no doubt enjoy this film. Like me…

The writing is Tidy, 80% clishé free (especially for a crime flick), and characters that pass the test of making you care with moderate ease. The story doesn’t have its head up its ass in respect to a certain crime film that I saw recently that refused take the Killing Them Softly Softly approach. Reason I mention this is both are written against a modern financial crisis backdrop, both depict a criminal underworld of cold-blooded gangsters where trust and money are hard to come by, and both rely heavily on subplot as the driving force of the film.

However one beats you over the head with a social commentary cosh, whilst drowning you in irrelevant subplot (which makes for amazing performances for the all-star cast). Whilst the other touches on the social backdrop with grace and reason, whilst taking you for a swim in the type of subplot that you’ve swam in many times before, but you forgive it as the water slide of action was so fun.

The performances were all great, nothing breakthrough but the blonde lad who plays JW showed an emotionally touching change of character throughout.

All in all its a great watch if your into this kind of film. Especially somewhere like a Leicester sq Vue where the sound literally slaps you about the room and those gunshots, and punches in the jaw, sound REAL AS FUCK.

(Immediate popcorn rating out of 10. I don’t believe in 5′s, isnt specific enough)