Stars and Swallows

Tattoos. Someone said to me recently that they feel Tattoo’s have become a bit “Pedestrian”, being that many more people have them now. I write this whilst on the train to Leeds to get my second for much cheaper than in London. £150 I’m saving!!!

Don’t worry; I say that in the knowing that I am still spending a vulgar amount of money on something that is completely superficial, for selfishly aesthetic reasons. The point could be made about charity, Africa and all that, but whenever I see them on documentaries they’re all covered in tribal tattoos, so they’re fine!

I do agree that stars, tribal patterns and dead relative’s names are pedestrian and boring as fuck. But the good thing about a Tattoo is that it gives you the chance to make a life long decision if you haven’t had the chance yet. Like trying heroin. Or fucking Katie Price.

Being that Tidy-200 is “all things film related” I guess I have gone off the mark a tad. But don’t worry, Ill comprehensively link it back round to the world of cinema and manage to keep it all inside the word capacity…

Memento is a great film.