Ok lets talk about this piece of shit for a minute. Lawless (2012) is set in 1930’s America and follows the lives of 3 brothers who prosper providing alcohol to the people of Franklin County during the prohibition era. This film made me angry! It’s a totally uninspired and out-dated look at one of the most intriguing parts of American history. Spoiler Alert, a bunch of guys sell booze, make a lot of money but a nutcase sheriff isn’t happy about it. And it’s a true story! Bravo, Oscars all round.

The big problem is the script. It’s horrible! It’s 2012 for god sake you can’t hide poor dialogue behind old time dialect anymore because your audience will see through it. The acting was perfectly fine but the characters were so one dimensional that I can’t understand how it attracted such huge talent. I at least thought this film would let us see how Shia Laboeff copes with playing an alpha male like the trailer suggests but he just plays a normal Laboeff character with a hat on. Yawn. Guy Pearce plays the antagonist and no words can describe that character so I’ll just vent my anger on the keyboard rt6rtyt5t7ioulop[90u yertewawaqerthjhjjiopk pobtytxeuvbijpbvgut jniibftyestrfhi vyuiohjop