London, 1981. A man at the top of an East-end crime syndicate is pursuing his latest earner. As he divvies out tasks to his operatives, it becomes apparent there is doubt in the ranks this time round.

Has this become obsession or blind-desire? Is this move really necessary? Regardless, he didn’t get where he is today by listening to opinion. So he’s jumping in the deep-end, head-first, and getting everyone to help him do it.

 St albans Garden state black Limelighjt awards 

(28th Jan – 16th May): Dekaos has made the official selection of the Garden State festival,  the St Alban’s International Film Festival and the Limelight Awards. 

(6th Oct) Dekaos premiere! We are proud to announce that Dekaos screened to over 100 people on the 29th of September. The night, hosted in a secret East-London warehouse featured bespoke entertainment from Stony Browder Jr, a make-shift bar and Korean burgers.

Dekaos history

Dekaos was made possible as a result of mass generosity, a multitude of favours, but more importantly belief in the idea and director behind it. Olly crowdfunded Dekaos with a goal of £3000, successfully landing £3865 from 131 donations. The campaign was the top in the UK, featured on the front page of Indiegogo and received over 2000 views a week.

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