48 FPS

Exciting times. The Hobbit films will be being release in IMAX 3D with both options of 24 fps and 48 fps. People say to me ‘hey what’s your problem with 3D?’ My problem has been that I can’t fucking see half of what I’m watching because of the motion blur. Movies are a moving image medium, so when I can’t see those moving images I can’t call it a movie can I.

Peter Jackson’s answer… Lets double the images. Pimp decision PJ.

There are worries surrounding this decision, we have all been watching films at 24 fps since day dot and having had experience working with 50 fps footage I can you it looks fuck all like 24 fps. It’s a completely different experience. But here’s the kicker and I need caps on for this one, THAT’S THE POINT PEOPLE! 10 years ago images weren’t popping out of our screens were they. If this area of film is ever going to work and earn my extra £2 then filmmakers have to experiment with it and make it a new experience. It’s a different medium so it should be treated as such because every 3D film so far has been gash.